Efficient Large Files Download

Torrent is becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in broadband internet which makes it easier for people to download and upload files faster than before and people can share large files in various parts of the world. Torrenting is a cheap and fast method for downloading and sharing files through peer to peer or P2P networks. This means that you, as a user, will distribute the weight of uploading all files, eliminating the costly file hosting needed by the uploader.

Many people like to use torrents because it is the most efficient method for managing large downloads. If you want to join some of these cautious people, you could but make sure you know the risk and be safe when downloading. Unfortunately, over the past few years, torrents have quickly been linked to illegal file downloads. ISPs or copyright holders can easily track IP addresses that use torrents. Finally, this makes many people abandon the use of torrents for fear of copyright infringement.

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