XMTV Player APK Download For Android & PC

XMTV Player is the bomb. The app is the best option to watch free movies and TV shows, play Live and Vod streams and do it all with style. This amazing media streaming and sharing app is available for free on the internet. In this post, we shall tell you about how to Download and install XMTV Player apk on your device, whether they are Android, iOS or even a Windows PC. Plus, we’ll tell you how to chromecast your favorite movies or TV shows to your TV without hassle using the same XMTV Player app.

xmtv player APK

Why Get XMTV Player apk?

Well, there are several ways XMTV Player is superior to most mainstream apps available online. Plus with its fairly new arrival into the scene, you can be sure your app will set you apart in the crowd of Netflix slaves. Here is a list of what’s good with XMTV Player.

  • Play movies, TV shows, Live streams and more just as easily as multimedia on your phone or SD card.
  • Share your own live streams with your friends. Keep everyone up to date.
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    Subtitles enabled. Use external subtitles from the net or internal ones from your memory.
  • Hardware acceleration gets you the best experience in both sound and visual impact.
  • The app supports multiple audio tracks.
  • Interface is really a charmer, with detailed information displayed on the screen through simple icons.

If MX Player based alternative apps like ShowBox and Terrarium TV app don’t do it for you, XMTV Player app’s more traditional approach might get you value for your memory space, time and energy.

Getting XMTV Player APK: What is it?

Unfortunately, this amazing app is not available on the official stores of any mainstream smartphone OS. This includes Google’s Play Store, iOS’s App Store, Blackberry’s App World and the Windows Store. So how do you get this app?

The easiest recourse to get XMTV Player app is to sideload it using the app’s apk file. An apk file is a bundle of data that helps install and setup an app on an Android device. It is what is downloaded when you install an app off the Play Store. You can download XMTV Player apk file from the internet for free. The file is a measly 14 MB, so it doesn’t take long to complete.

Download XMTV Player app for Android:

If you have an Android device or a Kindle you want to equip with the best video streaming features, you have to try out XMTV Player app for Android. Here is how you can get it in 5 easy steps.


  • Download XMTV Player apk file from the internet. The file can be found with just a simple google search, and is available on third party websites as well as unofficial app stores. Take your pick. Be sure to scan the file afterwards to guard against malware.
  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Look up Security, and then Scroll to Unknown Sources. Enable it.
  • Now that you can install apps from outside the Play Store on your phone, you can go ahead and tap the downloaded apk file to start setup.
  • Go through the permissions listed. Press Install if you are Ok with them.



And with these five steps, you get your XMTV Player app on your Android device in five minutes or less. No easier way to enable unlimited movies and TV show streaming on your Android than this method; trust me.

If you’re not keen on downloading the apk file on your Android device because on lack of antivirus software, download it on your PC. Afterwards, install AirDroid on your PC and Android, connect them and use the apk bar to install the app on your Android just like the steps mentioned above. Pretty easy, no?

Getting XMTV Player app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Turns out, it is next to impossible to get XMTV Player app for iOS devices. The reason? iOS only installs apps via dmg files. XMTV Players apps developers didn’t get round to making a dmg file, so it cannot be found on the App Store, on vShare or on any other app outlet. Is there a way out?

iOS device users could always use an XMTV Alternative like MovieBox app or Vidmate to get the entertainment they love directly on their devices. We don’t recommend Android Emulators for iOS like iAndroid from Cydia, because they can be needlessly complicated and can slow down your device. 

Download XMTV Player app for Windows PC:

If you don’t have an Android smartphone you can use to install XMTV Player, a Windows PC with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 OS can work just fine. As before, apk files do not install as apps on Windows OS. But you can use an Android Emulator to install the apps on your PC without a hitch. Here’s all you need to do.

Also read about: https //

  • Download and Install an Android Emulator to your PC. Most on them are freeware available through their official websites. We recommend BlueStacks for beginners, and Andy if you’re a fan of the Android look.
  • Login to the Emulator using a gmail ID. This will activate google services on your emulated Android.
  • Download XMTV Player APK file from the internet, as before.
  • Right click the downloaded file in its source folder. Go to “Open With”.
  • Choose the emulator from the list of programs. The installation should begin on its own.



A notification informs you when the app is ready to be used. You can now launch the emulator to access unlimited free entertainment via the XMTV Player app, thanks to this simple software.

Xmtv is best compatible with movie streaming apps like MovieBox HD, Showbox, Playbox HD, Mobdro etc. You can download Showbox apk v4.72 file here.

Chromecasting XMTV Player:

If you want to access your movies, TV shows, live streams and more on your living room TV, it is going to be pretty easy. All you need to do is get a Chromecast device to enable your TV, and connect it to your home WiFi. Then follow these steps: Get terrarium TV apk here


    • Install a screencasting app like AllCast or LocalCast on your Android device.

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  • Use XMTV Player to start a stream.
  • Scroll down the menu from your screen, and tap the cast icon.
  • You can now set up your connection with your app to your TV. The video will be mimicked on your TV screen in no time, and you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

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